The pension plan by APF

You will accrue a pension via APF Pension Fund for the duration of your employment by AkzoNobel or Nouryon. Your pension plan can be summarised as follows:
  • Your pension will be based on the average salary that you earn with your employer. We call this a career average salary scheme.
  • Each year, you will accrue part of your total pension benefit. In 2021, this will be equal to 1.618% (AkzoNobel) or 1.571% (Nouryon) of your salary above € 14,544.-.
  • In 2021, the maximum salary for the career average salary scheme is € 72,684.- (AkzoNobel) or € 73,325.- (Nouryon). If your fixed salary is higher than this amount, you will participate in the defined contribution scheme based on the income above this limit, up to a maximum of € 112,189.-. Nothing has been arranged via APF Pension Fund for salaries above this limit.
  • The retirement age applied by APF Pension Fund is 68 years.
  • To protect the purchasing power of the pension as much as possible, APF Pension Fund tries to increase the value of the pension accrued by you. Each year, the pension fund will decide whether and by how much it will be possible to increase the value of the pensions accrued and payable pensions. This will depend on the financial situation of the pension fund.
  • Your partner will receive a benefit if you die. This will apply if you die while employed by your employer, but also if you have already retired or are no longer employed by AkzoNobel or Nouryon. However, the benefit paid to your surviving dependants could be lower if you die after retiring or when you are no longer participating in this scheme.
  • Your children may receive an orphan’s pension if you die.
  • You may be eligible to receive a disability pension if you have a full occupational disability.
  • You and your employer will pay the contributions for your pension together.
  • If the fund is doing less well, the pension fund will need to correct the financial situation itself. The employer will pay a fixed contribution.