• What pension you have accrued up to and including 1 January of the year of the UPO and what you will receive on your retirement date.

• How much you will receive if you continue to work and retire on your retirement date.

• What your partner or children will receive in pension if you die while employed by your employer.

• What consequences the economy can have for your pension. Please see Preview.

• Do you receive a pension benefit? Then you will see what you receive in gross pension each year.

• It gives you an idea of what you can expect later. You can adjust your wishes accordingly for later.

• You also see whether you have arranged things well for your partner or children.

• The sooner you arrange your pension properly, the more you will benefit from it later.

No, you will retain any pension that you have accrued with your employer. However, your pension may be adjusted for a number of reasons. For example, because pension entitlements have been cut or because of increases applicable due to supplements. You can choose to leave your pension with your pension fund or to have it transferred to your new pension administrator.


We will let you know when your UPO is available via your email address
Have you already provided your (private) email address? You can also do this via My pension, via Home >> Arrange quickly >> Change contact details. We only use your email address to let you know about your pension and pension scheme.

Log in and view your pension overview

Overview including other pensions
At mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl (MPO) you will find your pension from the government and your (previous) employer(s). You can log in with your DigiD.

Expectations when things go well or bad
On your UPO you can read how much pension you are expected to receive from your pension fund later. You also see how much risk you run with your pension if the economy is good or bad. You will see an estimate of your pension in those situations. We also looked at a possible increase or decrease in prices. You can read more about this at Preview.

Would you like to know more about your pension overview (UPO)?
Read the answers to the frequently asked questions about the pension overview. Or contact us.

Pension statement: questions and answers

You receive a pension overview once every year. If you're no longer a participant in our pension plan, we make these statements available once a year on My pension at My archive. After you have left employment, we will send you a pension overview once every 5 years.

No. You will not see the equalised pension on your pension overview. Your former partner’s pension will have been deducted from your pension if the pension fund has notified you that this is the case. You will not see your former partner’s pension on your pension overview (UPO) either.

Yes. The additional pension you have gained as a result of the value transfer will not be specified separately on your pension overview. The value transfer will have been included in your pension overview if you have received a confirmation from us to this effect. If you have not had a confirmation yet, your value transfer request has not been processed yet. Does your value transfer have a transfer date after January 1 of this year? In that case, the value transfer is not included in your UPO for this year.

This could be because you have not informed us of your partner’s name or it has not been processed yet. See the ‘Cohabiting’ heading for more information about how and when to register/deregister your partner with the pension fund. If you are married or are in a registered partnership, the municipality in which you live will notify us of the name of your partner automatically. If you are living abroad and are going to marry, the above will not apply and you will need to register/deregister your partner yourself.

Yes, this is possible. Arrange this by sending us an email or by updating your preferences in My pension, you will find the personal details under your name.