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When do you need to take action?

If you change jobs, you can opt to transfer the pension you have accrued through your previous job to your new pension fund. This is known as value transfer.

If you become incapacitated for work, you can receive a disability pension. You keep accruing your pension, but no longer pay contributions for this.

If you get married, enter into a registered partnership, or start cohabiting.

If you separate, this also affects your pension. If you want the pension fund to arrange the payment to your ex-partner, report your divorce or separation to us within 2 years.

If you move abroad, you must inform APF Pension Fund of your new address.

If you become unemployed, your pension accrual will also end. The pension that you have accrued remains yours.

If you work more or fewer hours, this also affects your pension.

If you go on unpaid leave, you do not accrue a pension. However, you will remain insured for a period for your surviving dependants’ pension.

Check how much pension you have once a year:

  • View My pension for the pension amount you have accrued with us
  • View (only available in Dutch) for your state retirement pension amount and the total pension accrued by you. You will see the gross and net amounts applicable.

My pension

You have various options for your pension. Read more at What are your options?

If you have any questions about the pension plan, please contact us.