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How secure is your pension?

The amount of your pension is not fixed. A pension fund has to deal with risks that can affect the amount of your pension.

Inflation reduces the value of money due to price increases. APF Pension Fund therefore tries to increase the pension each year so it grows in line with the increase in wages and/or prices. We call this indexation or granting supplements. This is possible only if the financial situation of the pension fund allows for it.

Over the past 5 years, we have made these changes to the pensions
There was no increase in value with effect from 1 January 2020 (over 2019). You will also see whether the increase in prices has been compensated by an increase in your pension.

Date of change Value of your pension increase Price increase*
1 January 2019 0.55% 1.71%
1 January 2018 0.00% 1.38%
1 January 2017 0.00% 0.32%
1 January 2016 0.00% 0.65%
1 January 2015 1.59% 0.98%

*The price increased from 1 January up to and including 31 December of the year in question.

The pension fund has agreed a fixed contribution with your employer. If the pension fund does not have enough money to pay all pensions, the employer does not pay any extra money. We therefore need to make up deficits ourselves, for example by not indexing or, in the most extreme cases, by reducing pensions. Obviously we try to prevent that!