War in Ukraine

We are deeply shocked by the persistent violence in Ukraine caused by Russia’s invasion. Our sympathy goes out to all the victims within and outside of Ukraine. We also sympathise with everyone who has loved ones in Ukraine.

The consequences for our financial position
The consequences for the economy and the financial markets cannot be predicted at this time. We closely monitor developments. APF Pension Fund invests a small part of the portfolio (approximately 0.4%) in (government) loans or shares the majority of which is held by the Russian government. We have decided to exclude these investments with immediate effect and sell them when the financial markets allow.

The negative development in the share portfolios is covered at this time by the increased interest and positive returns in other investment categories as a result of which the financial position has so far (14 March 2022) remained at the required level to a reasonable degree. We will publish the coverage ratios at the start of April.

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