Funding ratio April 2021

As it did in March, the (actual) funding ratio rose in the past month from 108.7% to 110.9%. This is because we have again been able to achieve a positive return on the investments, thus further increasing the invested capital. This is because the interest rates increased in April compared to the previous month.

The policy funding ratio as of April, 2021 is 100.1%
The policy funding ratio is the average of the last 12 actual funding ratios. The policy funding ratio is the most important funding ratio. Policy decisions on indexation and curtailment of your pension are based on this funding ratio. By using an average, this funding ratio shows less fluctuations than the actual funding ratio.

The higher percentage of the policy coverage ratio means we are once more allowed to carry out value transfers. Applications that were previously suspended are being started up again. Obviously, this also depends on the funding ratio of other pension funds. A condition for value transfer is that the financial situation of a pension fund must meet certain criteria. From a legal standpoint, the policy funding ratio needs to be at least 100% to be allowed to perform the value transfer.

Development of the policy funding ratio over the past 12 months

course policy funding ratio APF

The actual funding ratio as of April, 2021 is 110.9%
The actual funding ratio is the monthly funding ratio. This ratio may show considerable fluctuations and immediately reflects consequences of financial developments.

Development of the actual funding ratio over the past 12 months

course funding ratio APF