How are pension contributions invested? Which costs are incurred in relation to pensions? When are pension values increased? All of these questions relate to the policy pursued by APF Pension Fund.

Investment policy
The pension fund invests contributions. This ensures that pensions continue to be affordable, as savings accounts do not yield a sufficient return. See the Statement of Investment Policy Principles for more information about our investment strategy.

Contribution policy
The employer pays most of the pension contributions due. The contributions to be paid by the employer are determined on an annual basis, taking into consideration a wide range of factors, such as life expectancy and the rate of interest. The pensions expected can be paid from these contributions. However, the employer will not make any additional payments if it is found that contributions are not sufficient.

The pensions accrued will only be adjusted in line with increased prices if the financial situation of the pension fund permits. The decision on whether or not to increase the value of the pensions accrued will depend on the policy funding ratio, which must be 110% at the very least. The Board will only be able to decide to proceed with full indexation if the policy funding ratio is 124%. When doing so, the Board will also consider developments expected in the long term.

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct sets out how everyone involved in the pension fund is expected to conduct themselves. The Code of Conduct contains rules designed to avoid conflicts between the interests of the pension fund and private interests.